Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Clients are often overwhelmed by their financial crisis. They seek legal advice at the point where there are no alternatives. They have struggled to handle their situation alone. We recommend getting a consultation early. The first appointment may be informational only, BUT why not maximize your financial future by making the bankruptcy laws work for you to obtain the maximum benefit for you. Initially, you fashion a sound legal strategy, craft a roadmap for your future financial success. You will most likely need to make a few changes in your finances and in your life (but you are in charge of those changes). We will work out a game plan with you. Many clients do not file immediately. They put their plan into action prior to filing, restructure, and maximize the relief available under the bankruptcy laws.

No client should file until they completely understand their options. We are a small family-oriented firm and can assist clients on a personal basis with compassion, understanding and sound advice. Have the courage to take the first step. Let us guide you toward logical decisions tailored to your specific situation