Guiding You Through The Divorce Process In Brevard County, Florida

Divorce Attorney Deborah M. Smith, P.A.There are NO winners in a divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is hard on everyone involved, and exceptionally difficult for the children. Untangling your life from that of your ex without destroying a family is never easy. What are reasonable expectations for a settlement if you have been married for an extended period of time? There are so many decisions and agreements that must be made, and it is common for the parties to disagree on at least some of the issues. Disagreements are expensive to unravel. Always balance your position with the price you will pay to litigate. Think with your head and not with your emotions. Are you willing to spend your children’s college fund on a divorce? Will it be worth it in the long run?

We are a small law firm that is passionate about the work we do. Our team is dedicated to helping families through this most difficult time in the best way we know how. While we are certainly capable of fighting tenaciously on your behalf, we will do our best to help you through your divorce without contentious legal battles. Effective negotiation and smart legal work should resolve many issues, leaving litigation as a last resort. We will strive to guide you through your divorce while avoiding conflict as much as possible.

You and your family deserve a better future. Let our legal team help you down the path towards that future. Please contact us now to get started.