Temporary Custody by a Relative

Temporary Custody Attorney Serving Brevard County, Florida

Temporary custody by a relativeLife can be complicated. There are times when a parent cannot care for a child. A good parent should recognize their limitations and abilities and ALWAYS decide what is best for the child. Addiction problems, recovery challenges, medical issues, military deployment, etc., can interfere with a parent’s ability to care for a child.

Temporary custody by a relative allows a parent to transfer custody to another loving family member who can undertake parenting responsibilities TEMPORARILY, without relinquishing parental rights. Depending on the circumstances, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other extended family may need to take care of a child for some time, which can be difficult if they do not have legal custody of the child. Schooling, healthcare and obtaining benefits for children is hard when a caretaker does not have legal custody.

Our firm works with families to establish temporary custody so that relatives can properly care for children. No matter what the situation is that has led to you needing to take custody, the fact remains that you can only give the best care if you have legal custody. Florida law can be complicated. Fortunately, you do not have to go through this alone. Our legal team will help you not only establish custody, but also to take care of all other legal issues surrounding the care of the child.
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