Wage Deduction Orders

Wage Deduction Orders Attorney Serving Brevard County, Florida

Wage Deduction OrdersWage deduction orders, also known as wage garnishments, are orders to an employer to retain a portion of a person’s wages to pay debts. In the world of family law, wage deduction orders are usually related to child support. When a parent fails to keep up with child support payments for an extended period of time, the court may issue a wage deduction order to obtain the support.

Our firm has worked with clients on both sides of the aisle when it comes to wage deduction orders. We have helped parents who continuously struggle to get the child support payments they are owed to speak to the court and seek a wage deduction order. We have also worked with parents who are on the receiving end of such an order, and who believe that the order is unwarranted. Whatever your circumstances, you can depend on us to listen to your story and do what we can to set the situation straight.

If you are having trouble getting your ex to pay child support, or if you have been hit with a wage deduction order that you feel is unfair, please get in touch with our firm. We are ready and waiting to put our legal experience to work for you.